Holistic yoga, coaching and healing

Yoga teacher RYT200 〰️ Holistisk coach 〰️ Reiki Healer

Shaktiyoga YTTC 〰️ Yoga therapist education YTE800

Education: 200h RYT Hatha yoga, Holistisk coach & Reiki healing 

Ongoing educations: 800h YTE Yoga therapy, Modul 1 YTTC Shaktiyoga & Embodied Flow™ Immersion

Changing Vibration initiates and invites you to the affirmation and creation of the unconditional love that you allredy are. All of you are welcomed in transformation from moment to moment, in the timeless now of eternity. Embracing the spectra of your whole being. As the powerful creator you are. In collaboration between Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, the Sun and the Moon, the Universe and Mother Earth, we meet. Unity and devotion through Yoga, Holistic coaching and Reiki healing. In consideration of the universal potential, manifested by, the divine spark of vitality and metamorphosis in cyclic change. Like the rainbow creates light and darkness, day and night, life and death. Changing vibration is surrendering in transformation. Listening, honouring and blessing nature, body, mind, soul, breath and emotions. Dare to trust the inner guidance of movement and stillness that is born from within you. Energetic healing, touch, asanas, vibration, ecstatic dance, meditation, breathing and s sound frequencies. The reflection of the relationship within and beyond, to the earth, your heart and to the universe. Confidence in your unique flow and your unlimited love. Alignment in your inner vortex between heaven and earth. The memory of the inner wisdom that is constantly channeled through you. The strength of the vulnerability, the courage in the releasing and the intelligence in feeling. Through your magical intuition and deep contact in everything that is, you are always transformed like amazing grace.

”Breath, trust and surrender, life is worth living”

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