Transformation, love and grace


Certified: 800h Yoga therapy by IAYT®, 200h Hatha yoga by RYT®, 30h Shakti yoga YTT by Mira Moonya, Soul realignment® by Andrrea Hess, Holistisk coach and Personal development in nature by Lillsved Idrottsfolkhögskola, Reiki Shoden by Michelle Baker & Okuden by Fia Lehikoinen

Trainings: Unleash your natural feminine power by Mira Moonya, 21-Days of feminine embodiment by Cinna Brahme, Vipassana meditation by S.N Goenka, Door opener 1 & 2 by Baravara, Soul Growth Astrology and relationships by Molly McCord, Sound healing by Annika Lynton, The power of breath by Sami Hakala

Facilitator: Space holder at Yasuragi, Let go & Improflow at UrbanOM, Self care yoga therapy at Atmajyoti

Ongoing: The Activated woman & Limitless love by Sofia Sundari, Being revealed by Isa Khalwati, Hormonia by Disa Mineur

My name is Mikaela and I am the founder of CHANGING VIBRATION. My vision for this world is true love and wholehearted grace through radical transformation. From a perception of an holistic spiritual and somatic embodiment that aims to unite. I believe that we all have the ability to change our vibration and move into alignment with our soul essence through metamorphosis. As a space holder, I will meet you from a perspective of oneness. Invite the contrast of your duality into union. So within, so without. I will encourage you to get to know yourself through every dimension of your human and being. Relearn how to trust your inner guidance again. Raw, wild, vulnerable and courageous. The learning is the unlearning. I will initiate you to explore the unconditional love that you already are. I work with many different tools and methods in order to open up the space for your true essence. Let us come together to explore how consciousness and responsibility creates empowerment. You are welcomed just the way you are, let us surrender into transformation. We are the changing vibrations of love. Ishvara pranidhana.

”Surrender into authenticity and let your life reflect your unlimited potential”

”All is well, the meaning of life is just to be alive”

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