Transformation, love and grace


Certified: 200h RYT Hatha yoga, 30h YTT Shaktiyoga, Holistisk coach, Reiki shoden and okuden, Personal development in nature

Trainings: Unleash your natural feminine power, 21-Days of feminine embodiment, Earthing Kundalini Shakti, Vipassana meditation, Baravara Door opener 1 & 2, OSHO dynamic meditation, OSHO kundalini meditation, LET GO meditation, IMPRO FLOW yoga

Ongoing: 800h YTE Yoga therapy, Soul Growth Astrology, The Alchemical Womb

My name is Mikaela and I am the founder of Changing Vibration. CHANGING VIBRATION is a holistic spiritual practice that aims to unite. As a space holder, I will meet you from oneness and reflections, so within and so without. I initiate and invite you to explore the unconditional love that you are. I work with many different tools to open up the space for your essence. Through healing touch, embodied asanas, meditation, breathwork, organic movement, shaking, ecstatic dance, sounding and sharing the spoken word. We come together to manifest our presence into the reality as we know it. So the unlimited love can take place in all dimensions.

All of you are welcomed just the way you are. In transformation from moment to moment, in the timeless now of eternity. We will practice remembrance of the divine universal potential. Exploring how consciousness and responsibility creates power through law of attraction. Embracing the spectrum of your whole being, as the powerful creator you are. Like the rainbow creates the light and the dark, day and night, life and death. Finding balance through unconditional love in the collaboration between polarities. In contrast to grace and transformation, Shiva and Shakti, the Sun and the Moon, the Universe and Mother Earth, we meet and unite.

I will encourage you to release your vulnerable strength in great courage. To align in your vortex between heaven and earth. To reconnect with your beings divine essence through every dimension. To remember the inner wisdom, that is constantly channeled through you. To rise in love and come home to your magic, again and again. To sense the intelligent source through the Akashic records and the universal order. We will explore the intuitive art in devotion and grace through a holistic perception. How all the divine is connected and manifested as metamorphosis in cyclic change. We are all changing vibrations of love and stardust. Let us surrender together. Ishvara pranidhana.

”Abundance comes from ease,

surrender and let your life reflect your unlimited potential”

”All is well,

the meaning of life is just to be alive”

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