Transformation, love and grace


We are born to transform the grace of god. I have come into your life, because you have been longing for change my dear. Your heart and soul has called me into your life, we have met for a divine reason. Vibrations are the manifestation of the divine grace. It affects the meta and micro perspective for the whole universe. Like the butterfly swipes its wings and affects a whole planet. We are changing vibrations in space. We are the mirrors of spirit. Deep within your center, you know that we are one. Your tender heart has sung its deepest prayers of remembrance of yourself, of unity. And yes, here we are as each others reflections. You are heard, so loved and always blessed. Only you can decide to embrace or deny what you are. In my eyes, you are pure love manifested in transformation. The essence is always there, running like a flow through your center between heaven and earth. You are here because you sang your song of your beloved soul. You can not hold on to love or life, it needs to change, wild and free. And that’s scares you my love. Because it makes you remember the truth about yourself, that you are sacred. You are a holy mystery. Consciousness, soul and spirit in trinity. You are always changing the vibration of the whole universe, as within so without. But only you can decide if you are ready to meet your essence and be all that you are…

”Let your body remember your being and become the divine poetry of source”

The power of metamorphosis is scary, painful and unpredictable, but oh so amazing. It will sweep you off your feet in the dance of life. It will invite your soul remembrance and brighten up your light. It will bring all your darkest shadows to your doorstep. It will ask for your courage, greater than you ever thought you had. It will tell you to speak your truth even when your voice shakes. It will transform your vulnerability into your strength. It will give you all that you need, not what you thought that you wanted. It will initiate your creative life potential into manifestation. It will enquire you to hold space for your whole essence, no matter what. It will break and burn you down, so you can rise up in unconditional love. It will shift your perception and raise your frequency. It will turn your suffering into grace. But do not worry, do not despair my dear. The essence of you will always be the same, only LOVE. And that is the core remembrance of your spirit. That is the everlasting within the timeless and endless consciousness. You are okay my friend, you are okay my dear. All is well. All is happening for a reason so divine, you cannot even imagine. Because change is the essence of the manifested life force. Because change is always present and that, will never change. Only you can decide if you are ready for the love within you my dear. Only you can remember your truth. Only you can rebirth yourself again and again. I can just fly by your side, with your consent. I have come to serve the light. I have come to unleash the shadows. I have come to hold an unconditioned space. I am just a butterfly my dear. I am just like you, amazing grace.

– Mikaela Larsson Fyck

”Move from spirit to spirit in prayer, the learning is the unlearning”

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