Space holding

Transformation, love and grace


(In training 800h YTE)

All of you are welcomed in transformation from moment to moment, in the timeless now of eternity. Embrace the spectra of your whole being. As the powerful creator you are. Listen, honor and bless your true nature of body, mind and soul. As a space holder for Yoga, I meet you from a place where all of you are oneness. Dare to trust the inner guidance that is born from within you. Energetic healing, touch, asanas, meditation, breath work, shaking, ecstatic dance, sounding and sharing. Let your practice mirror your relationship with your life and let your life become a mirror of your practice. Reflections, so within, so without. Earth, heart and universe. Tap into your unique flow and unlimited love. Surrender into your divinity, Isvara pranidhana.


We are souls in a human experience. The human aspect of us is often expressed in terms of illusions and identifications, which creates fears and conditions. This can restrict and limit the way we live our lives. In holistic coaching we meet this illusions with compassion and acceptance so we can move beyond them. As a space holder for Coaching, I meet you from a place where all of you are oneness. Coaching is a reflection through active listening, powerful questions, intuitive mirroring and curious exploration to touch on the depth. The contact between the emotions and the inner wisdom. To realign all of you in balance. Acceptance and how to face life’s constant change. Reflecting our true nature and full potential. Brave and wholehearted.


Reiki is an energetic healing that flows beyond the limited mind. It´s a heart-hand connection with source. Healing the energetic system and balancing the whole spectrum of your organism and spirit. The healing channels the inner wisdom of light, love and life force. You can receive it hands on and on distans. As a space holder for Healing, I meet you from a place where all of you are oneness. The session is authentic and followed by the tradition of the Usui Reiki lineage. Using the Gokai which is the five principles of Reiki. ”Just for today, I embody peace and grace. I surrender in trust and unconditional love. I embrace all that is with abundance of compassion and gratitude. I devote myself to my highest true path. I love and care for myself and all other beings”. 

”The only experience that will ever mean anything, 

is the ones that makes you feel your soul”

”The only way to make sense out of change is to

plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

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